Shakra (CH)

1 octobre à 19 h 45


Their 25th anniversary – and the quintet is ready to celebrate with their fans, in proper style with hard, catchy and energetic rock music. There also will be new music for the jubilee – that goes without saying.

Eleven new real crackers in typical SHAKRA manner as well as a heartbreaking ballad are going to be the new album “Mad World”.

This world is mad indeed.

Things that used to be good yesterday, have become bad today, things that held a certain value yesterdays, have become worthless today.

Not only the music business but the entire world experiences chaotic times.

So much the better, SHAKRA won’t be mislead and staunchly keep on doing what they do best:

Writing songs that stick to you mind and just are made for the stage! Therefore they’ll play a lot of concerts and festivals in 2020. SHAKRA don’t need to prove themselves with “Mad World”. No, they

play music with obvious passion. Here’s to another 25 years

Lieu : Zik Zak

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