11 mai à 19 h 30

Wille and the Bandits are set to tour their new live album “The Kernow Sessions” right across Europe in the new year. The album features some of the UK’s finest musicians guesting with the band; the result – a whirlpool of Bluesy tones under-pinned by psychedelic tendencies that carry the listener on a musical journey that only WATB have the map for. With even more depth and texture being added to WATB’s expansive sound the results are world class!

Its rare to find a band as dynamic as Wille and the Bandits, one that is just as comfortable and as impressive at both ends of the sonic spectrum. In the modern age of disposable music it is refreshing to hear a band that still value the art of creating albums and who continue to bring new instruments and ideas into their songwriting rather than settling for a tried and tested formula. Ten seconds of Youtube will not scratch the surface of the band’s sound and message; this is a band that is very much about discovery and one best experienced LIVE!.


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